If you fancy yourself a fan of craft beer, you’re going to find yourself right at home at this year’s ‘Tawba Walk. We’ve assembled our best lineup yet, bringing you 8 of the area’s best breweries from right here in the Lake Norman area. Drink tickets can be purchase at Oak Street Mill and Cornelius Town Hall.

(Please Be Aware: Alcoholic drinks cannot be carried across the street. Please be aware of this as law enforcement can issue tickets for violations.)



From IPA’s and Pilsners to Blondes, Ciders, Sours and more, there’s something for all adult beverage-lovers to enjoy at the ‘Tawba Walk. Check out our lineup of local breweries below:

Ass Clown Brewing

A small brewery that specializes in unique and bold flavors in an environmentally responsible way. Ass Clown Brewing strives to be a “green” brewing company that uses alternative energy and finds alternative uses for brewing waste.

Eleven Lakes Brewing

Utilizing a small batch process, Eleven Lakes focuses on quality ingredients and staying true to their roots. Whether it’s a year-round staple or an experimental seasonal, they approach every batch with the highest stands and attention to detail.

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

Founded in 2009, The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery ignited the ultra-premium beer scene in Charlotte and has been at the forefront of the local market ever since. OMB adheres to the oldest purity guidelines in the world, the German “Reinheitsgebot.” This law states there can be only four ingredients in beer: water, barley or wheat malt, hops, and yeast. It’s “beer flavored beer” and it’s always fresh.

Red Clay Ciderworks

Making quality hard cider from local ingredients, supporting our local and regional growers and getting involved with our local community while reigniting the passion behind cider that once made it America’s favorite beverage.

D9 Brewery

Staying true to their roots, the founders focused on the creation of smaller microbrewery locations throughout North Carolina where their passion for “Unquestionably Original” ales could continue to grow and connect with the local community.

Lost Worlds Brewing

Our brewery was founded to create a basecamp for like-minded adventure-seekers to craft their next adventure while enjoying quality beer brewed in their community. Simply put, we brew beer that we’re proud to pour and that’ll satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Royal Bliss

A refined yet approachable Denver, NC brewery. Above everything else, we believe balance is bliss.

King Canary

A passion for community, family, quality, and most importantly beer! The plan was simple, use the best ingredients to make the best, most inspired beer possible.


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